Step 1: Setup

Set up your application with a few lines of code. TL8 requires a few very simple changes in your code to enable the super power.

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Step 2: Download the TL8 app.

To provide the best experience, TL8 provides you with a multi-platform application.

For Windows For Mac OS (Intel) For Mac OS (ARM) For Linux

Step 3: Change texts in your application.

Open the TL8 app and navigate to your application. The interface lets you freely navigate the app, just like your usual browser. It just comes with a side panel on the left that lets you edit translations that are displayed on the current page. What you see is what you get.

Step 4: Hand-over the final translation files.

Done with the changes? Download the final translation files and hand them over to the developer. The developer takes those files, puts them into the repo, as is. Commit, push, deploy. Voilà.

Previous versions and compatibility

The TL8 system consists of two components: the TL8 application and the TL8 Angular and React libraries. They work hand in hand via a protocol to provide you with the best possible experience while working on the translations.

It happens that some features of the application are only possible with a specific version of the library. We are currently working on a solution to preserve compatibility of the application towards past versions of the library. In the meantime, here is a compatibility table that should help you get a smooth experience with TL8.

TL8 App Version TL8 Angular Library Version TL8 React Library Version
Version 3
Downloads links: Windows MacOS Intel MacOS ARM Linux Snap Linux AppImage
7 (Compatible with Angular 17)
5 (Compatible with Angular 15)
0.0.1 (Beta)
Version 2
Downloads links: Windows MacOS Intel MacOS ARM Linux Snap Linux AppImage
4 (Compatible with Angular 15)
3 (Compatible with Angular 14)
Version 1
Downloads links: Windows MacOS Intel MacOS ARM Linux Snap Linux AppImage
2 (Compatible with Angular 13 & 12) -

Why did we create TL8?

Having the right text is fundamental for an application. We know how valuable the developers' times are. This is why we wanted to create a product that enables anyone to edit texts themselves. TL8 reduces friction by providing an error-free transmission of the changes and spares valuable development time. It enables more members to contribute to the product and reduces time for changes to go on production.

Time is the most valuable thing one can spend.

Consider a donation

Did you find the tool useful? Consider a donation to support the development of the tool. For you, it's 2 minutes and some $$$. For us, it's more time to spend on something amazing.

Your feedback is valuable

You used the tool and you want to give us feedback? We highly appreciate it! As early user, it's also the opportunity for you to request specific features. Please fill this form, it only takes 2 minutes… depending on whether you are talkative 😉

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